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  Dr. Hans Matick

1953 born in Germany

1981 working as a dentist till 1996

1996 started my "photo and travel obsessed" time. Since than I stayed for longer periods of  time  in different countries.

2000 some months in USA -started my experimental-photography, got inspirations for3-D and 4-D -animations at Seattle, S.F. and LA.

The glas works of Robin Poff (Seattle, USA) and her 3D-animations gave me a lot of inspiration for my  work . 

2001 started my Internetexhibition

2002-2004 Master Study: "Technical-Editor -Multimedia-Documentation"

Since them I performed different exhibitions, postards and calendars. I produced some video films, which were shown open  air. I won several 1. Prices on different competitions.

Photography is the center of my work. I use only my own photos. Some of them I leave as an orginal photo, but most of  them are  composed with different computer programs.  Many of my pictures are completely constucted with a computer.

I use the computer to create pictures with sense and social criticism. In part I use thise multi-media to make dubious it for oure time.

The created pictures I use for my videoclip production .The inspiration is a never-ending opportunity to work and change just one picture.

All my pictures are available in orginal size  24 x 32 inch , best quality, limited. Price on request.

Since December 2003 I have my own Photo-Studio and Gallery.

If you are interested contact me by mail or phone.


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